The Painful Reality

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” – Romans 3:23

Every day is painful, it comes with its share of pain and sorrow and no one is exempted. Often times we think money and fame can take away this pain, unfortunately, that’s not true either.

The reason for this pain is the brokenness within us, a broken relationship with the One who created us for His good pleasure. After creating this wonderful world, God created us in his image and likeness and gave us a free will to choose between right and wrong because He wanted us to willingly choose Him over our sinful desires.

Unfortunately, the pain we experience in our day to day life is because the first man and women God created made the wrong choice and thereby, fractured our relationship with our loving heavenly Father which had its repercussions like the punishment of death, not a physical one but spiritual death.

{repercussion: an unintended consequence of an event or action, especially an unwelcome one}

How else do you expect spiritually sick people to behave? Nasty, abusive, liars, crooks, selfish, thieves, rapists, adulterers, even eat unhealthy food for self-pleasure causing sickness and diseases in the human body.

Thankfully God himself came to our rescue by sending his only son, Jesus Christ to bear the punishment of our sinful choices and to die a terrible death that we deserved, once and for all – past, present & future. Those who repent and believe in Jesus’s life, death & resurrection are made spiritually alive, and even though our physical bodies will perish, our soul will enjoy eternity in heaven with our loving Father.

Yet though we are spiritually saved, as long as sinfulness in the heart of men exists, this brokenness will always rub on us. Hence, we need Christ more and more each day to cleanse, heal and revive our hearts.

Lord, we are thankful that you receive us in your Kingdom through your son Jesus, help us also to daily repent of our sins and trust in you as we walk through this broken world.

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