In so many religion who is the true God?

Am glad you asked! Your question is very good. It indicates that you have recognized that all claims about God (existence and essence) are not true. In fact, very few recognize that most of them are contradictory at the core and only superficially similar.

You can apply a simple test for truth (as you would for any field of study)

a) Are there logical contradictions within the belief system. We’ll need to apply reason here. Some may say that we should not use reason when it comes to matters of God and belief. But then, if we ask ‘Why we should not use reason?’ they would give us a few reasons. So, obviously reason cannot be disqualified in our search for truth in religion (as in any field where there is a search for truth). Blind belief does not need reason –and these are just superstitions.

b) Is there evidence to support what the belief claims? The Bible says that Jesus lived in space-time history. If it is true we should be able to apply the historical method and find evidence that Jesus really was a person who lived in Israel during the beginning of the first century. The Bible places an even more audacious challenge – it says that if there is no historical evidence for Jesus who rose from the dead, the Christian faith is a lie. It pushes the test for evidence to the extreme. Try it yourself!

c) Finally, it should make a difference in my inner person and my soul responses. If I am not being changed from within to become a better person I would suspect that there is no relevance to the experience of my faith.

It is very rare that a person has real hunger and is willing to overcome the bias of birth, community and culture to seek the true God. But to one who seeks – WILL FIND! We hope you are one of those very rare ones!


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