I’m confused what I wanna do in Life

Q: I’m confused what I wanna do in life , my parents want me to become an engineer but I wanna do sports that’s what I love . What should I do? 

Your question directly leads to a couple of life’s big questions. What is the meaning of life? What will bring me the most happiness?  
I would like to answer your question by first asking you to introspectively search for what matters most to you in life? What would be a huge success to you? These sound like purely material or family questions but I hope you see that these are ultimately spiritual questions. We can only find our direction in life when we connect to a purpose greater than just our existence. A purpose in life should be above just mere passions in life like sports/reading/movies/food. Serving a purpose greater than ourselves gives everything we do meaning even in the most mundane tasks or occupations.
I also have a passion and love for sports, even if my knees disagree vigorously, but my career path was redirected to place myself wholly in the trustworthy hands of my Lord, Jesus Christ. 
Whether you find a life changing purpose that leads you to dive fully into sport or finds you registering for Engineering 101, I hope each and every day you step foot into that office/classroom/arena you do so with a sense of purpose that is greater than just mere passion…greater than just the “security” of a high paying job…greater than just the adoration of others (even parents)…and instead rests in the knowledge and confidence that God has you right where you are suppose to be.


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