I’m a Muslim interested in Christianity & a Male who loves to be Female

Q: I am 29 years old man, I was born and raised in Muslim family. My problem is I have interest in Christianity but my mind stops me every time I make a decision to convert. I am born male but I love to be female and wear female dress. It give me satisfaction. 

Thank you so much for your honesty in your question. Let me start by saying that God loves you!! It sounds like there is so much going on in your heart as you are coming from a Muslim family, yet interested in Christianity and wrestling with this desire to be female even though you were born male. God is not surprised by this difficulty and He doesn’t want you to feel alone—he sees you, hears your heart and cares for you!

As it relates to you being interested in Christianity, but your mind stops you I would challenge you to give God a chance. What I mean by that is would you be open to reading the Bible and allowing God to speak to you through His word? The book of John is great place to start to just see who this God of the Bible is and what He is really like. If you don’t have a copy of the Bible do let us know and we can give you one you can read or listen to depending on your preference.

In regards to your desire to “be female and dress as a female because it gives you satisfaction” I have simply two thoughts. The first is that God doesn’t make a mistake. In his perfect plan and will he has created you male for a purpose even if you do not understand that right now.

Often times those things that make us happy in the moment do not actually mean they are what’s best for us. The other thought however that comes to mind is that you would know that the God of the universe, maker of heavens and earth has created you…and he loves you! He loves you just as you are. He doesn’t say “Rabeel, change first then come to me” nor does he say “Rabeel, you need to be perfect, then I will love you.” It’s actually the opposite.

The God we see in the Bible says, “Rabeel, I knew you would not be perfect. I know you better than anyone else on this earth. I see your good and I see your bad. I see the things you think no one else sees and guess what? I love you anyway. I love you more than you can ever hope or imagine and I want a relationship with you. Would you trust me? Would you come to me and allow me to begin to change your life?”

My prayer for you would be that you would come to know this God of the Bible in a personal way as He wants to know you!


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