God Our Refuge

“Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place – the Most High, who is my Refuge” – Psalms 91:9

To make God our dwelling place means to fully engage with Him day and night, engage with His son Jesus who gave His life as a ransom for our sins and purchased us our freedom from sin and bondage setting us free from the wrath of God and giving us a new birth and a right to be called His sons and daughters, engage with His Holy Scriptures – reading, meditating and finding guidance to walk in the path of righteousness, engage with Him in Prayer – a constant, consistent, unceasing talking to Him and hearing from Him, laying our burdens at His feet, submitting our heartfelt requests at His throne and resting in His sovereignty.

The more we engage with Him in this manner and continue to dwell in His loving kindness and mercies towards us, our hearts will grow in awareness of His mighty presence in our lives, experiencing His hand of protection over us at all times. And whether it’s a deadly virus, or a threat, or suffering, or sickness, we will always find Refuge (state of being safe or sheltered) in the shadow of the Almighty God – the Most High One.

Lord, help us make you our dwelling place at all times.

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