Poem: Raised From The Dead!!!

Dressed pretty with bandages that wrap my wounds and dead and broken dreams,
People dread to unwrap these bandages fearing the mess and the unpleasant stench,
They mourn the death and convinced its all over,
Where no one else can see or can reach.
Deep cried unto deep,
A cry for life.

Jesus you visit me while everyone else said its too late,
You call me by my name,
Your words breathe life into this dead being,
You unwrapped the messy and stinking wounds that none want to catch a glimpse of,
You are the balm that healed my brokenness,
You alone loved me and cared to rescue me from my grave clothes,
Your love covered the multitude of death, sin and brokenness
You clothe me with a garment of praise
Your love is true life!


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Author / Preacher

Swetha Mendon

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