Poem: Mercy Triumphs!

Am I a modern day Pharisee- a white washed tomb, consumed by knowledge that I have forgotten to love?
Or am I Hosea’s wife, caressing an adultress world satisfying lust and greed?
There’s a deep thirst that’s unquenchable
Even the best things in the world seems to miss.
Ah! All is vanity under the sun.

Passing by wounded lives, unmoved,
Whatever happened to the child who would break at the sight of hate.
Why am I changing to look like the world compromised and cold?

A deep cry, a raging storm with a beautiful mask
How I wish one can look deep within
You promised you can
My heart longs for You my Saviour
Rescue me before my heart grows cold

You said even in my abundant sin your grace would abound
You promised to rescue me even if I make my bed in hell. And Yes You did, You found me.
Even though I run far away from You. You relentlessly pursue me
My wounded heart screams vengeance
But then Your sweet Spirit reminds me You were pierced for me
Broken and rejected for me
There on the cross, you bled for my transgression
Making a plea of forgiveness for my offenders
Gently whispering –“You’ll rise my love. Just follow me and see mercy triumph.”

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Author / Preacher

Swetha Mendon

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