Can we prove that God exist?

There is sufficient evidence to clearly indicate that a ‘personal, moral, intelligent Super natural being’ Whom we call God exists. Though a detailed answer is possible the major points (which you can research further on) are:

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a) The universe in finite. Every finite thing/effect is caused by another. But there cannot be a infinite chain of finite causes – it has to stop at the infinite – He is God

b) There is design in the universe – both at the macro and mirco level. This is undeniable. It is absurd to suggest that design can come about by accident or chance. It is not the way we experience things (imagine looking at an airplane and saying that it is the result of an explosion at an aircraft hangar? …. multiple explosions over a large period of time? Absurd). This God is definitely intelligent.

c) Humans have personality. This cannot have come from thin air or from impersonality. We are relational beings,have emotions, love-hate, appreciate beauty, desire justice etc. This has definitely come from one who is personal.

d) We differentiate between good and bad, between what is desirable and not. This moral fabric in every human cannot be denied. Even in the worst case scenario the most unscrupulous person would expect loyalty and faithfulness from a trusted aide. So again, if we are moral the one who made us would also be moral.

All of these factors which we have considered above is the God described in the Bible. The Bible goes on to tell us that this God who is the creator of this vast and intricate universe stepped into space and time as Jesus Christ. He lived among us, participated in human activity and then was subjected to a farce of a trial and sentenced to death by jealous religious leaders. He was crucified on a cross but rose again three days later – victorious over death. He thus defeated the ultimate inescapable human enemy – death; and now promises new life to those who receive his gift of eternal life.


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