Why Criminals and Politicians who do wrong enjoy life more than us?

Q: There are many criminals and politicians who do so much of wrong yet they enjoy a comfortable life and people like me who work hard have a difficult life. Why?

The Bible tells us that God not only created a good universe, but also made humans in his image with the ability to love one another and make choices. When humans disobeyed God, the good life that God had planned for them was lost. Something fundamental changed within them – there came in greed, insecurity, lust, jealousy, selfishness and many other such negative qualities.

Thus soon after the beginning of time we as individuals, depending on how we have allowed these negative qualities to govern us, have started exploiting nature and fellow-humans. Criminals and many Politicians have been able to leverage their positions of power (either by force, coercion or manipulation) to satisfy their base desires of greed and selfishness. This has enabled them to create for themselves zones of personal comfort.

But, the deeper question is, whether they have contentment? Almost all who have attained to power or wealth by unfair or exploitative means have physical comforts but have no contentment. An unknown author put it this way:

  • Money can buy you a bed but not sleep.
  • Money can buy you a clock but not time.
  • Money can buy you a book but not knowledge.
  • Money can buy you a position but not respect.
  • Money can buy you medicine but not health.
  • Money can buy you blood but not life &
  • Money can buy you sex – but not love.

On the other hand, people who live a difficult life can live a life of contentment with the promise of eternal life.

Jesus died on the cross to give those who trust in him a new life from within. The externals may not seem to change but deep within us we start loving others and seeking their well being. This will lead to contentment that is beyond understanding. We may/may-not have money but we will be blessed with eternity, wisdom and a love that has no boundaries.

So, even if your life is difficult instead of seeking comfort, it is wiser to seek joy everlasting and contentment here on earth – which no wealth can buy for us. We have that as a free gift from God to us in Christ Jesus.


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