Why does life have so many tensions and struggles? What is the purpose of my life?

The Bible tells us that God not only created a good universe, but also made humans in his image with the ability to love one another and make choices. When humans disobeyed God, the good life that God planned for them was lost. Something fundamental changed within them – there came in greed, insecurity, lust, jealousy, selfishness and many other such negative qualities.

Thus soon after the beginning of time we as individuals, depending on how we have allowed these negative qualities to govern us, have started exploiting nature and fellow-humans. Selfishness, greed and insecurity have largely made for a world with many tensions and struggles. Human preying on humans has been the greatest cause of unpleasantness in human society. We have exploited nature and wrecked the balance of the created order – so, natural calamities have also contributed to our distress.

Our relationship with fellow-humans and nature can only change by allowing God to change us from within. Human effort has failed. History shows us that Laws, no matter how many, have failed to reign in our self-centredness. We are still able to manipulate and exploit loopholes to serve our selfish purposes.

Jesus died on the cross to give those who trust in him a new life from within. The externals may not seem to change but deep within us we start loving others and seeking their well being.

So, we will find our purpose in restoring our relationship with God, fellow-humans and nature. The specific for each individual may be different based on genetic make-up, gifting and talents.


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