A Patient, Heart-felt, Long-suffering Prayer

Nehemiah’s Story is a part of our story… How? Because it is the story of God’s faithfulness to make a way for Jesus life death and resurrection bring salvation to sinners.

Nehemiah was awakened to God’s purposes and plan’s and was awakened to his own part in God’s grand story of redemption.

RECAP – Who is Nehemiah? What is going on in his heart?

Nehemiah was the Cup Bearer to the king (trusted)
He was living in the Persian Kings (Artexerxes) Winter Palace.

Nehemiah was comfortable, he had it good. But his people were broken, distraught and filled with shame. Nehemiah’s brother brings news of their people’s condition and Nehemiah’s heart was broken. He could not remain comfortable while his people sank in their shame.

Whatever we find comfort in we will spend all our time protecting and maintaining that. It will consume our thoughts, it will control our fears, and empty us of our time, talents, and affections…

Nehemiah was reminded…

// This is not who you are! //

You might be doing this job and God might have provided for you and his people through this job, or circumstance but that is not your identity… You are worth more than this and your purpose on the earth is greater than this BECAUSE


He chose you from the foundation of the earth to be spotless and without blemish He set you apart for HIS glory and HIS purposes!

Nehemiah’s response

Weeping, Praying, and Fasting:

This began in the month of Chislev and Nehemiah’s request to the king happened in the month of Nissan… The passage says that He prayed and fasted day and night… This season of prayer and fasting lasted anywhere from three – five months.

The prayer that we read is not one eloquent prayer it is the cliff notes of Patient, Heart-felt, long-suffering prayer.

Nehemiah went to God first and was was willing to wait on Him until he understood what God was doing.

Psalm 130:5
“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I hope;”

4 things we learn from Nehemiah’s prayer

  1. Nehemiah prayer starts with God and was centered on God’s character and nature.
  2. Nehemiah owned His sin (humility // dependance and need)
  3. Nehemiah knew God’s promises (Creature of the word)
  4. Nehemiah’s desire is for the scriptures to be fulfilled (God’s plan and not His own)

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