Treasuring this Objective Truth

“…and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

Truth can be Subjective or Objective. Subjective truths are based on one’s personal belief, opinion and experiences, and it may be true or false; whereas Objective truths are confirmed by study and are universally accepted. Then there is ‘Absolute Truth’, which is beyond the reach of humans; let’s call it a mystery.

The Gospel of Jesus – God the Son becoming human and living among us to carry the sin and its repercussions on the whole world upon himself – past, present & future is not just a subjective truth spoken and confessed by individual believers based on their experiences, but it is also an objective truth verified by pieces of evidence produced through various streams of study and research.

It is, therefore, crucial for every man and women to be introduced to this truth because knowing the truth of the Gospel is what gives meaning to life and an all-consuming purpose to pursue. It also allows us to filter out all other subjective truths passed on to us through traditions, fables and fairy tales, allowing us to live in true freedom.

Brothers & Sisters, let’s cherish the truth of the Gospel, hold it closer to our hearts and count its rewards and benefits not just in this lifetime but for eternity in heaven.

Lord, help us cherish the truth of the Gospel every day and every night without ceasing.

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