Standing Stones

And he spoke to the children of Israel, saying, When your children shall ask their fathers in time to come, saying, What mean these stones? – Joshua 4:21

It is overwhelming to live in times of a pandemic and times of uncertainty. God in different ways reveals our sinful behaviours and gives us a chance to repent. There are times when we receive what we prayed for and at other times when the answer to our prayers is delayed. In the latter scenarios, do we still remember past times where God was faithful?

Recently, at the start of the workday, I made a to-do list. The day was going on well as I had planned but suddenly the WiFi got disconnected. For those working from home, you can imagine what a disaster this can be. I couldn’t go ahead with my plans for the day. I was frustrated. When the Wifi reconnected, I could get back to work.

Just as I needed WiFi to get along a simple workday plan, we need the Lord our God, for our lives. Without the WiFi, the to-do list has no significance; without Jesus, our life has no purpose. Certainly, we should introspect the areas where we have not allowed Jesus to take over. Jesus has plans for us, plans to prosper and not befall. He wants us to be his testimony. We have a purpose for which we are born here. It is not by mere coincidence that we are where we are. God has placed us strategically where we are to fulfil His purpose.

The times God has been faithful to us should not be just turned like a page in the book but re-read in moments of confusion and waiting. This is probably why Joshua was told to stack the stones in Jordan, to remind the next generation of how faithful God is to his people and the promises that he has given to us.

When he has told that he loves us, He loves us. Our life is a testimony to show the love of Christ. We are set apart as Christians to love one another. The way we love each other is a distinguishing factor which shows others what Christ-likeness is.

It is not only the good times but also the tough times where we must be showing the grace of Christ.

It will be very creative and thoughtful to put a thank you note in a jar every time you have to Praise God for his grace. And when the times are rough just look at that Thanksgiving Jar and remember Our God is good. ALWAYS.

Jesus, help me remember your love and faithfulness in difficult times when I rely on my own abilities and strength. Thank you for being my provider and help me glorify you at all times. Let me surrender all areas of my life to you. Amen.

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