Our Strong Connection with Heaven

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” – Hebrews 11:1

When life looks uncertain – whether its a risk of losing a job, risk of losing a loved one, risk of suffering for the sake of the Gospel, risk of contracting a deadly disease, what we really need is a sense of strong connection with God, an anchor to hold on, and without it, we can easily crumble under pressure, fear, anxiety and depression.

Beloved, it is our strong faith in God that enables us to have this strong connection with heaven. Firstly, our Faith in Christ, him calling us out of sin and justifying us, him sanctifying us daily from our indwelling sins, his promise that he will take us with him to heaven. Secondly, in his providence and protection over us while we are on this earth, preserving our lives for the Glory of His name until he decides to take us away. 

Faith is the hope and strong assurance that even though when we can’t experience the blessing we always wanted, the healing we always longed for, the kind of job we dreamt about, the life partner we always yearned for with our naked eyes, we still live and breathe knowing that God will surely bring it to pass at the right time accordingly to His will, and if by any chance it is delayed or cancelled, having faith that He has something better planned for us. – It is this kind of Faith that honours Him and helps establish a strong relationship with Heaven.

Therefore, let us also have faith that soon everything will change, the threat of Coronavirus will be subdued and eliminated from this earth and we will live and breathe freely.

Lord, help us to activate our faith and never lose hope in difficult times.

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