Call to Love

“Love one another; as I have loved you” – John 12:12

One of the things we desire the most in times like these is to be at peace with God. When we are at peace with God, the same transcends into every other aspect of our life, in our relationship with our spouse, our children, our extended family members, our spiritual family and other relationships. It helps deal with conflicts, mishaps, misunderstandings and all sorts of difficult circumstances.

To be at peace with God is to know that we have a right standing with Him. Most importantly, to feel His loving embrace and forgiving heart even when we make silly mistakes or get into big troubles.

Thankfully, when we sit down to pray, read and meditate on the scriptures, we realise that God’s loving-kindness towards us is bigger than what we thought and imagined. The extent of His great love blows our mind. We see how Jesus, while he walked on the earth hanging out with the twelve disciples whom he knew, had selfish motivations, were self-absorbed in their world, and that some of them would even betray Him. Yet, He invested in their lives, showed them his immeasurable love by carrying theirs and our sins on himself and suffering a brutal death on the cross for our sake.

Brothers & sisters, this is how we ought to be loving one another and all other people in this world whom we come in contact. They may be selfish and self-absorbed, have wrong motivations, some may even betray our trust, but our call is to show love and treat them in a manner in which we expect Jesus to show love and treat us. We might even have to endure pain for their sake, but that’s how we ought to love them in our heart. At times we may also have to distance ourselves and stay silent, but do it all in love.

Lord, help us to love one another just as you have loved us.

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