One True God

I’ve never had the urge to bow down to a metal cow, a carved human, or a wooden pole. The idea of chanting or dancing around a six-armed deity or pot-bellied statue doesn’t even come close to getting me excited. I’ve never wanted to make offerings to rats living in a shrine.

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But that doesn’t mean I’m immune to idols. The idols that trip me up as a human aren’t tangible figures of supposed gods and goddesses. They’re ideas and beliefs that can, if left unchecked, interrupt my worship of the one true God.

I wonder how many times God has intervened in my life without me realizing it. I am sure I live unaware of God’s provision, protection and help in my life. Just as God asks us to do acts of kindness without the big fanfare of public recognition, God is always doing things on our behalf that He doesn’t let us in on. His kindness is at work constantly.

God has shown me that, more than anything, he wants my heart. He wants a tender, mold able heart willing to obey more than he wants any obligatory service I can give him. As He writes a new chapter in my life to reveal the plans He has for me.

Sometimes church planting feels like you’re pretending to be a church. And then one day (after backbreaking work and lots of prayer) you realize God has built an honest-to-goodness church right before your eyes and there is unimaginable joy and reward in sacrifice and service. I pray that God could use my life to impact others in a mighty way. I do know that part of being a follower of Jesus, and doing life His way, is about living my faith.

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Supreet Singh
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