Delight in You

Be my highest desire Lord
May I delight in You alone
The Eternal one

My soul tends to cling to the earth that is fleeting
Open my eyes to see Your Beauty
Help me understand Your Love and Sacrifice
That I longed for all along

This soul can only be satisfied in You
My Creator God
Not in the world that leaves me wanting more
So let me treasure You only

The length and breadth and depth of Your love
Displayed on the cross of Calvary
Where You gave Your all
In love for me
Came back to life and promised eternity

So may my roots grow deep in You
By loving You with all of me
I know You’re worthy of my adoration and worship
Faithful One who will never leave

If I hope in a man they will pass
If I hope in my works it won’t last
If I hope in things it will soon perish

All my earthly gains are a loss
Compared to the surpassing worth of knowing You
Yes You are my greatest gain
So May I be found in You

Make my heart a fertile ground to yield to You
May I be like a tree planted by Your living waters
Full of life and bearing fruit in You
May Your law be my light that guides my wandering soul to You
May your law show your love for me

And bind my Heart to Yours
Keeping it wouldn’t be a burden when I know it’s your loving protection
And when storms come crashing in
May I stand rooted and grounded in You

My Lord,
My Rock &
My Redeemer!

Author / Preacher

Swetha Mendon

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